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CWA and SBPC, “Customer Disservice: Examining Maximus, the Federal Contractor that Just Became the Largest Student Loan Company in the World” (Mar. 2022)
The Communications Workers of America and the Student Borrower Protection Center conducted a first-of-its-kind study of government records, court filings, consumer complaints, and public reports of abuses by Maximus across its varied functions at the center of the student loan system. This investigation uncovered evidence of systemic mismanagement, failure, and abuse.

GCAP, "Maximum Profit: MAXIMUS Extracts Excessive Profits from State Contracts" (Feb. 2020)
MAXIMUS’ large profit margins on its state contracting business and recent executive comments raise questions about whether the company is reaping unfairly high profits from state agencies. Every extra dollar that goes to boost MAXIMUS profits is one less dollar invested in improving the quality and availability of critical services.

GCAP, “Maximum Harm: MAXIMUS’ Medicaid Management Failures” (Nov. 2019)
As the leading provider of Medicaid administration services, millions of Americans rely on MAXIMUS for access to critical health services. But problems with MAXIMUS’ performance on Medicaid contracts have created barriers for vulnerable Americans to access health services they desperately need.

Kalmanovitz Initiative, “Strengthening Families and the Hattiesburg Economy: The Impacts of Improved Pay for Federally Contracted Call Center Workers” (Oct. 2018)
Georgetown University’s Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor examined the impact of poverty wages at a federally-contracted call center that MAXIMUS now operates in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. An economic analysis found that better pay at this worksite would not only benefit call center employees, but would spur growth, create new jobs, and reduce racial and gender income disparity throughout the region.