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MAXIMUS State Contracts Database

Type Investigations and Mother Jones launched a new online searchable database of MAXIMUS state contracts from 2008 to 2019 to facilitate public understanding of MAXIMUS’ state contracts. The new database can help public officials, journalists, and citizens better understand and oversee MAXIMUS’ state business.

The news organizations also released a tipsheet for how to use contract documents and other resources to identify potential problems with contracts for the administration of safety net programs outsourced to companies like MAXIMUS.

The tipsheet provides step-by-step instructions to ferret out performance failures and badly designed contracts that overcharge public agencies. The tipsheet also outlines how companies like MAXIMUS can seek to profit off policies and contracts that may actually harm vulnerable Americans that our safety net programs were intended to help in times of need.

These resources can help state officials compare their contracts with those of other states and agencies, providing a much needed due diligence toolset.